San Bernardino National Forest fire officials have exempted certain campgrounds and picnics areas from the prohibition for building, maintaining, attending or using a fire, campfire or stove fire. Individuals with a valid California Camp fire Permit may use a propane or gas cooking stove.

These actions are permitted the following campgrounds and picnic areas, listed by ranger district:

    San Jacinto Ranger District

Black Mountain Group Campground
Boulder Basin Campground
Dark Canyon Campground
Fern Basin Campground
Marion Mountain Campground
Pinyon Flat Campground
Ribbonwood Equestrian Campground

Fuller Mill Creek Picnic Area
Lake Fulmor Picnic Area
Lake Hemet Picnic Area

    Front Country Ranger District

Applewhite Campground
Bonita Ranch Campground

Applewhite Picnic Area
Falls Picnic Area
Thurman Flats Picnic Area

    Mountaintop Ranger District

North Shore
Green Valley
Shady Cove
Tent Peg
Big Pine Flat
Hanna Flats
Holcomb Valley
Pine Knot
Buttercup Group Camp
Heart Bar
Heart Bar Equestrian Group Camp
South Fork
Oso/Lobo Group Camp
San Gorgonio
Barton Flats
Crab Flats
Council Group Camp
Deer Group Camp
Bluff Mesa Group Camp
Gray’s Peak Group Camp
Green Spot Equestrian Group Camp
Wildhorse Equestrian Group Camp
Big Pine Flat Equestrian Group Camp
Boulder Group Camp
Ironwood Group Camp
Tanglewood Group Camp
Juniper Spring Group Camp
Green Spot Equestrian Group Camp
Coon Creek Cabin Group Campground

Jenk’s Lake