Town Hall Youth Basketball Coordinator Bob Lewis gave this report for recent games.

Friday, Jan. 8

Division 1 (ages 6-9)

In the first game, the Black Wolfpack hosted the Bruins. Cole Mesia had a good game for the Bruins with 8 points, but Ethan Sheppard was hot, scoring 9 points, including a 3-pointer, as the Black Wolfpack downed the Bruins by a score of 19-13.

The second game had the Wildcats pitched against the Trojans. Jessa Smith had a great game for the Trojans with 5 points and good defense. The Wildcats got a really good game from Jayden Fogle with 5 points and a couple steals, but it wasn’t quite enough as the Trojans held off the Wildcats by the score of 14-9.


Names Wins Losses

Trojans 3 0

Black Wolf Pack 2 1

Bruins 1 2

Wildcats 0 3

Division 2 (ages 10-13)

In the first game, the Pumpkinheads battled the Purple Pirates. This game went back and forth with Cody Fogle pouring in 11 points, but the Pumpkinheads countered with 17 points from William Cloake as the Pumkinheads prevailed with a 25-24 win over the Purple Pirates.

The Purple Pirates had a doubleheader going up against the Timberwolves and this game came down to the wire as well. Kilo Reynosa had a hot hand with 6 points for the Purple Pirates, but Emma Righetti was 4-4 on the free throw line. Yet it wasn’t quite enough as the Purple Pirates squeaked out a 26-24 win over the   Timberwolves.


Names Wins Losses

Purple Pirates 2 1

Timberwolves 1 1

Pumpkin Heads 1 2


Town Hall Adult Coed Volleyball Coordinator Ginger Dagnall gave this report for recent games.

Last week we only had two games due to weather.

Monday, Silver Pines beat Idyllwild Garage in a tough game played over five matches.

Tuesday, La Casita beat Idyllwild Vacation Rentals.