In recent months, Idyllwild residents have reached out expressing frustration and concern about drivers speeding and tailgating more than usual on our local roads and highways. 

Long-time resident Eric Townsend wrote in an email, “On busy weekends with crowded streets and pedestrians in the street, I see people speeding on North Circle Drive as if the street were empty. 

“One to two times per week I get a speeder going maybe 50 mph on my street. Since my street is partially a school zone and there are kids in the street (no sidewalks), this is sort of nuts.”  

It’s uncertain why this is happening. Perhaps during these unprecedented times, people are less patient with one another. Regardless, it’s causing a negative impact and ultimately puts everyone’s safety at risk.

“I’d rather not wait until we have some local fatalities to get some action on the problem,” Townsend added. 

I reached out to our local public safety agencies to see if there is a solution to this issue. According to residents, a few of the roads that seem to have had an increase in speeding are Tollgate Road, North Circle Drive, Saunders Meadow Drive and South Circle Drive.

Sarah Rodriguez, board assistant to Riverside County Third District Supervisor Chuck Washington, responded right away. She contacted the county transportation department to see if there were any current road studies being conducted on any of our county roads. 

“The county doesn’t have any transportation improvement projects for the streets that you named, but our office has put in a request for the transportation department to conduct a road study for road improvements,” Rodriguez wrote.  

As of print time, the Town Crier did not hear back from Rodriguez about how long it would take from the time a request is submitted to when action will be taken.

I also reached out to the California Highway Patrol (CHP) and the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department (RCSD) to ask what kind of action could be done to mitigate the problem.

    “It was right to contact CHP regarding this concern. The Riverside Sheriff’s Office does not handle traffic service calls in the Idyllwild area,” RCSD Corporal Lionel Murphy wrote in an email. 

As of print time, the CHP had not responded.

During these unprecedented times, while we are all on edge, it’s important to practice patience and be considerate to others. Be observant to those who live on these roads and to pedestrians that are walking along the streets.