Students from Mrs. Draper’s 2010 fourth-grade class give a rocking rendition of “Hair” at Idyllwild School’s Blast to the Past. Photos by Beth Nottley

The students of Idyllwild School, from kindergarten to middle school, will display their dancing, vocal and instrumental talent at Friday night’s “Blast to the Past,” a long-popular annual fundraiser. Come and see fourth graders dancing Flash Dance and the Limbo; hear Autumn Detzel sing “Over the Rainbow,” and listen to talented middle school instrumentalists. And that’s only a small selection from the 20 acts from Idyllwild School that will appear.
Fifth-grader Nick Anderson demonstrates his hula-hoop skills at Idyllwild School’s Blast to the Past event in 2010. A contestant in the hula-hoop contest, he won a prize.

Performers from youth classes at Town Hall Recreation will augment this year’s school performers. Annika Kay’s ballet and tap classes, 19 strong, will perform, as will Kirsten Ingbretsen’s drama class. Kay’s troupe will perform to songs from “The Little Mermaid,” and Ingbretsen’s will stage “The Grouchy Ladybug.”

Each year, proceeds from the event fund field trips for the school’s students.

The event takes place at the school gymnasium multipurpose room on Friday, March 22 from 5 to 8 p.m. Tickets are $3 and a “family pack” admission price of $10 admits all members of one family.

Also featured is a trio of Irish dancers, Brooke and Riley Arnson as well as Brenna Lewis. Brenna is headed to Ireland to compete in the World Irish Dancing Championships.

From tot to teen, these performers will surely delight and make you smile. And it’s all for a good cause.