Ron Kimmerle, twice arrested and twice jailed within the last three weeks, was again released, this time on May 9. The reason given for the release by the clerk at Southwest Detention Center, at which Kimmerle had been incarcerated since May 7, was “the district attorney would not file charges.”

John Hall, district attorney’s office public information specialist, said, “We did not file any charges due to lack of sufficient evidence. And because there is no case filed, there is no further comment.”

Hall elaborated that in order for the DA to file charges they must believe the evidence would support a conviction and Hall indicated existing evidence on the making criminal threats arrest charge did not meet that burden of proof. Hemet Station Lt. Dean Agnoletto acknowledged the evidentiary burden is less for arrest than for the DA’s office to press charges.

Kimmerle was first arrested on suspicion of receiving stolen goods on April 27 in Pine Cove and bail was set at $5,000. Kimmerle posted bail and was released. He was arrested, again in Pine Cove, on May 7 on suspicion of making criminal threats, a felony, and bail was set at $100,000. When the DA declined to press charges, Kimmerle was again released.

Sgt. Wallace Clear, special investigations supervisor Riverside County Sheriff’s Department Hemet Station, the agency that arrested Kimmerle both on April 27 and on May 7, noted that station investigators continue to inventory stolen goods in Kimmerle’s possession at the time of his first arrest and that additional charges are likely to be filed in the future, once all evidence is inventoried.

Clear urged anyone with additional information regarding the stolen goods case, contact Investigator Robertson at (951) 791-3412.


  1. Anyone who has been threatened by this individual should go get a restraining order against him immediately. Then, if/when he violates it by coming within a certain distance, he will be re-arrested. Also, if he has access to firearms, they will be confiscated, probably permanently.