Editor’s note: this letter was originally sent to Bill Brown, CSA Operations Manager, Economic Development Agency, Riverside County.

Since the County has taken over recreation, the need for [the CSA 36 Advisory Committee to] meet every month is not needed.

I would say no more than four [times] a year unless something special comes up.

I believe before, we were keeping track of what was going on and informing the county. That is the main reason I think there needs to be the change.

If you need more of a reason, let’s take the last six or eight months of meetings.

How many were canceled? One meeting, before we knew there was a change in posting a meeting, no one, but me, knew you had to post a meeting.

Personal reasons are I go to San Diego every two weeks. When it ends up on the week that I go, I have to sit around for a day and half to go to the [CSA] meeting, [which] if run right, would not take more than a half hour to complete.

Most of the meetings start out going through the agenda. Let’s say something about the garden comes up, it turns into a forty-five minute talk between a few board members and the public about planning what we could do, how to do it, and everything about it. Then we repeat everything over and over again, which I believe is the job of the county.

As of the last meeting no one still knows anything, other than they want one.

Then public comment comes up and everything is repeated again over and over.

I believe in the last four months, we have has one unofficial meeting, two canceled meetings. At the last one, after all those months, no information from the county about financial status or the minutes that were needed.

Town Hall [staff] told us what was going on in the last few months but nothing in writing. We were asked how much money we wanted to spend on a playground with no information.

I have been on this committee for a very long time. I’ve always enjoyed being able to help.

But now that the county has taken over, the reason for the committee has changed. The need for a monthly meeting is not necessary unless something special comes up. A meeting a month makes me feel like I am not helping.

In the last year, as things have changed I have stayed on because I was needed to have a meeting [quorum]. I didn’t want to let anyone down. I will continue if you cut back the meetings and find more board members.

I have always enjoyed working with you because of the way you think and I believe you understand what I am talking about.

Michael Freitas
Member of the CSA 36 Advisory Committee

Editor’s note: There are two vacancies on the CSA 36 Advisory Committee. If you are interested in serving, contact 3rd District Supervisor Jeff Stone’s Legislative Assistant Opal Hellweg, (951) 698-7326