The annual Town Hall Youth Soccer season opened last week. Games are most afternoons at the Idyllwild School. The Ninjas (red) and The Wolves (maroon and yellow) played a good game on Thursday afternoon. Photo by Jenny Kirchner

Town Hall Sports Coordinator Jeremy Teeguarden reported on Town Hall Youth Soccer, which began its season the week of Sept. 24.


5 and Under League
On Thursday, Sept. 27, there were two games.

The first game was between Arriba’s Bobcats and the Rotary Raging Rivers. The Raging Rivers’ Ethan Sheppard hustled all over the field. Tyler Sonnier was an animal for the Bobcats as he went after the ball all game.

The Raging Rivers (blue) and the Bobcats (green) took to the field on Thursday afternoon at Idyllwild School during Town Hall youth soccer. Photo by Jenny Kirchner

The second game saw the the American Legion Wolves play the Idyllwild Professional Cleaning Service Ninja Strikers. Zane Booth played great on defense for the Ninja Strikers as he made several big saves for his team. Tegan Baraty was a star for the Wolves as he ran all over the field and chased the ball all game.
8 and Under League


On Thursday, Sept. 27, there were two games.

In the first game, the Café Aroma Blizzards met the Dragon Slayers. Both teams had won their first game and were trying to stay undefeated. The Dragon Slayers got an early goal from Ethan Scott and played great defense all game long. Geneva Dagnell played awsome for the Blizzards as she stopped attack after attack from the Dragon Slayers. The Dragon Slayers won 2-0.

In the second game, the Pino Tree Service Kryptonite beat the Sacco Dining Idyl Beasts 3-0. The game was scoreless until the Kryptonite’s Jordan Gates got a nice goal to go ahead. Maraja Kelly played outstanding defense for the Idyl Beasts.

11 and Under League
On Friday, Sept. 28, the Dr. Dunn and Dunn Oompa Loompas, playing their first game, were pitted against the Roby Gray Construction Falcons. The Oompa Loompas’ Chayton Kenyon came up big in goal stopping many shots and sending the ball the other way. The Falcons’ Ben Tiso played great and scored a goal. The game was close when Brian Jimenez got free and scored a big goal to put the Oompa Loompas up 3-1, The Falcons got another goal but the Oompa Loompas played tough defense and won 3-2.