Theresa Gray, Tree Lighting Committee Chairman in 1987, puts the finishing touches on the tree prior to the ceremony. Gray reported that there were about 700 townspeople in attendance, 400 were youngsters anxious to see Santa. File photo
65 years ago - 1947
Deputy Max Jensen, assigned to the mountains by the Sheriff’s Department, reported that during the previous six months he had handled 92 assignments, with 12 arrests.

60 years ago - 1952
A rather hectic program was readied for a visit by TV’s “Queen for a Day.” A weekend on the Hill was one of the prizes awarded on the popular show.

50 years ago - 1962
Scoutmaster Jim Eslinger fell from a high bunk at Camp Emerson and broke his hip. He lay on the floor until daybreak before waking others in the room.

45 years ago - 1967
The first Harvest Festival was a success. “I’m signing up now for space next year!” one exhibitor declared on the final day of the show.

40 years ago - 1972
“ISOMATA will be one of the gems in the crown of USC,” Dr. John Hubbard, president of USC, promised a Town Hall audience. Horace Hahn hosted a reception for Dr. Hubbard at his home. After the party broke up, a fire broke out and totally destroyed Hahn’s home.

30 years ago - 1982
The State Allocation Board approved Phase I funding for the Garner Valley secondary school.

25 years ago - 1987
The largest audience in the 11-year history of Handel’s “Messiah” turned out for the performance. That year, it was conducted by Dwight “Buzz” Holmes, ISOMATA Conference Center director.

15 years ago - 1997
A Thanksgiving meal may have saved a life. A dog, “Mercy Jo,” was hidden beneath a building when Danette Grady coaxed it out with her Thanksgiving dinner. The dog was suffering from a fractured leg and had a choke collar caught in her mouth.

5 years ago - 2007
Coming off a steady sophomore year on the Canadian Professional Golf Tour, Brendan Steele shot a six-round score of 428 in the Final Qualifying Stage of the PGA Tour National Qualifying Tournament.

1 year ago - 2011
Idyllwild Fire department responded to gas fumes being detected on the grounds of Idyllwild School. The odor is created by an additive that can remain near the tank’s bottom when it is near empty. Although no gas was detected in the classrooms, all the students were evacuated as a precautionary measure.