I must say I am left a bit confused by a couple of articles in last week’s paper. The water districts appear to be separately discussing water from wells, streams and Foster Lake as if they are different. All three are dependent on what comes from the sky.

Add to that, Jeff Stone is suggesting the building of more dams. That would be great if there were adequate water off the Hill.

The bottom line here is that everything depends on precipitation, which is today almost non-existent and likely to get worse.

If we recall, there is an ocean a few miles away that could be tapped. I fail to understand why there isn’t a state-wide serious discussion about desalinization from ocean water. Since the water used eventually makes its way back to the ocean, the net salt water salinity is never changed.

Israel is the world leader in getting fresh drinking water from salt water. It has been doing it efficiently for generations. I think Southern California needs to finally give up on water from Northern California where it once served farms. We’ve grown too large.

Certainly, water cannot be pumped up the Hill in a single push, but a multi-stage pumping system could do the job effectively. Then our used water could eventually make its way back to the ocean as well.

Larry Kueneman
Pine Cove