The Riverside County Board of Supervisors last week unanimously approved the amendments to its land use and zoning ordinance (348) regarding detached buildings.

The amendments, which local Realtors and architects had recommended to the board, made an exception for property above 4,000 feet.

“That portion of the ordinance that had previously allowed private garages to be constructed right up to the front or side property line ended up being modified to address concerns raised. Some properties above 4,000-feet elevation will not be restricted in a manner to similar properties below 4,000 feet, which requires private garages to be placed or designed to prevent vehicles directly existing or entering onto the adjacent roadway,” said David Mares, the principal county planner revising the ordinance.

For much of the year, the county’s planning staff has been revising the decades-old ordinance. But limiting the proximity of garages and carports to the property lines has been a concern to local designers and real estate people.

Fourth District Supervisor John Benoit thanked the county staff for its work and described the effort as “… setting up work more efficiently and more effectively to be less of an unnecessary barrier to small additions and projects our residents would like to pursue.”

“Late last year, the board asked the development staff to undertake a comprehensive re-work of the ordinance,” said Mares. The changes are intended to make the county more business friendly and encourage economic activity.

“I am pleased that the second phase of the comprehensive amendment to the county’s Zoning Ordinance is complete, and anticipate beginning work on the third phase early next year,” Mares added.