Mr. Kassouf of the Art Alliance does not speak for me in his letter rampaging against Shanna Robb — he is evidencing a belief in the best defense is a good offense argument.

Is he speaking for the entire AAI board when he engages in these offensive maneuvers? As an AAI member, I am ashamed. He has set aside the serious inquiries into the details of the AAI board’s conduct to wage a hate campaign against the brave woman who stepped up to lead the inquiry. This hate-mongering is ugly; to my mind all he need do is answer the questions members have posed. What is the motive for such a personal attack against a woman who has been one of the Alliance’s most productive volunteers?

Frankly, his letter reeks of obfuscation and it raises a question of my own: I’d like to know why the Art Alliance board declined to offer Shanna Robb a board seat only after she raised questions about finances? Why was she declined a seat on the board by roughly the same board which previously solicited her “repeatedly”? She had certainly earned the right to participate.

Mr. Kassouf speaks of slander and libel. Reading Shanna Robb’s letter gave me no indication she was so engaged, but it seems the AAI board itself is coming close. Are they trying to drive Ms. Robb out of town; make her irrelevant? Why are they shooting the messenger rather than simply replying to the message?

The bottom line of the wealthy Art Alliance of Idyllwild seems it might be out of whack — why not just answer that question and stop abusing the heroine of the piece? All Ms. Robb has done as a dedicated, productive member has asked details to which all members should have access. Who makes a “viable candidate” for president anyway?

Really, all this noise causes me concern. The statement that Ms. Robb is a “lone ranger” is inaccurate. She is not alone in her concern. Mr. Kassouf may assert that all the issues are dealt with, but I personally have not been made aware of any such thing.

The annual meeting amply demonstrated that Shanna Robb is joined in her unease — this unrest is not representative of only one member. Believe it. The topic isn’t going to go away until everything is out in the open where it needs be in all nonprofit organizations.

Erin O’Neill Beck