So, Gary’s Deli is permanently closed. What’s the fuss about? Get your sandwich or whatever somewhere else now. Life goes on.

Stop there, my friend, and you really don’t know this town. Go ahead — skate along the surface of goods and services and it’s clear you don’t feel the beat of the heart of this community.

You know what makes it tick?  It’s all the “little guys and gals” who make up  the businesses and services.

It’s the people, people like Dolores Sizer who treats my petty little task like a presidential commission and cares that I’ve been sick lately and sends me on my way with a big smile and somehow I feel much better.

TLC, my friend. We all need it and I honor all those fine Idyllwilders who give it to natives and visitors  alike on a daily basis.

Gary Budnick no longer has his deli to dispense his very special brand of TLC.  Those many customers who received his many “random acts of kindness” over the years feel a loss. He genuinely cared about their well being, honored their loved dogs with a wall of photos and endless treats, and like Dolores and so many others, made us feel much better.

Hopefully, Gary will find another venue. We don’t want to lose the “little guy” like Gary and all the others who make this special community “tick.”

Marilyn O’Connor Beauchesne