Shellie Milne, candidate for the Riverside County Board of Supervisors from the 3rd District, speaks to Chris Johnston Saturday at Uncle B’s.Photo by JP Crumrine
Shellie Milne, candidate for the Riverside County Board of Supervisors from the 3rd District, speaks to Chris Johnston Saturday at Uncle B’s. Photo by JP Crumrine

Shellie Milne, candidate for Riverside County supervisor from the 3rd District, met with supporters Saturday evening. Milne, a member of the Hemet City Council, and Randon Lane, a member of the Murrieta City Council and its current mayor, are challenging incumbent Supv. Chuck Washington, whom Gov. Jerry Brown appointed last March to replace Jeff Stone, who was elected to the state Senate.

Milne spoke to several Idyllwild residents during the evening at Uncle B’s. She expressed concern about the length of time to obtain building and planning permits. As a consultant, she has helped other agencies improve their service times.

If elected, Milne promised to establish a Property Rights Council for the 3rd District residents and developers. The council’s purpose would be “… to provide comment and recommendations about all county actions involving land-use cases, master planning, General Plan Amendments and updates, all resources and related property issues.”

The PRC would also advise district residents on how new state laws or county ordinances would affect their applications. “So that when they bring in the plan, they know in advance,” she stated.

“The council will have a voice in the 3rd District,” she said. “[The development delays in the county] are creeping up to the Hill. We didn’t get into this overnight.”

To improve the efficiency of obtaining these permits, Milne wants the board to consider or return to a flat fee for permits rather than the current system, which depends on an initial deposit and then charges for the time to review a permit application.

One of the attendees, Robert Righetti, commented, “If we proposed a master plan for Idyllwild, we’d never be able to build Idyllwild today.”

Milne also advocates embracing the use of more technology in the review process in order to improve efficiency.

Elected to the Hemet council in 2012, Milne and two colleagues were threatened with recall for their support of contracting out the city fire service. The recall never went to the voters and eventually, the council chose to keep its fire department. In June, Hemet residents will vote on Measure E to augment funding for public-safety services.

Consistent with her views, Milne’s financial help comes from developers who have given at least $25,000 and another two have donated $10,000 each. She also has received five contributions greater than $20,000, including two from local vineyards — Ponte and Callaway — and the Hemet Community Medical Group.

Milne and her husband, Kevin, who accompanied her to Idyllwild Saturday, have six children between ages 9 and 25. She is a management consultant for retail stores and municipalities.