The reconstituted County Service Area 36 Advisory Council holds its first public meeting at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, July 7 at Town Hall.

The advisory council acts as the “eyes and ears” within the community for Third District Supervisor Chuck Washington on matters concerning street lights and parcel tax-funded public recreation. The council’s public meetings offer CSA 36 residents a venue for raising questions and making suggestions regarding community recreation programs and CSA 36 finances.

Supervisor Washington will attend to swear in the new council that includes Ginger Dagnall, David Hunt, John Metroka, Wendy Read and Kathy Wilson.

In attendance, representing Riverside County’s Economic Development Agency, will be Michael Franklin, senior development specialist. EDA now manages the CSA 36 public recreation program. As part of the agenda, the Town Hall recreation staff will make a presentation, detailing current and planned recreational activities.

Schedules of future meetings will also be set. The meeting concludes with a public comment section, reserved for all general information comments and questions.

The advisory council had been moribund for several years, owing to apparent disinterest by the general public. But these public meetings are the primarily venue for recreational users and stakeholders to ask questions and raise suggestions regarding programs and CSA 36 finances.