Does the cost of water delivery to Cedar Glen residents compare to residents at the end of Double View or compare to the lift costs to Rockdale customers? Of course not, but Idyllwild Water District management and the board won’t discuss it.

More important, did they hide this data from their consultation firm and customers? They want to smear the actual costs of production and delivery to individual homes in an effort to avoid mandated requirements of law.

Good news, though. If they adopt water fees not legal, you don’t have to go to the hearing to voice your opposition. Timeline and hearing statutes don’t apply here on unlawful water fees. You can sue them any time. You can even remove them from office.

Step up, IWD customers, and demand highest quality, equity and stability in service. It does cost extra when neglect has been the tune for decades, but don’t let them smear it for the benefit of a few. Throw the bums out.

Jeff Smith

Pine Cove