The Idyllwild Water District Board of directors has scheduled a special meeting at 6 p.m., Wednesday, Oct. 24.

The first item on the agenda will be an announcement regarding a vacant director’s seat and how the Board will fill it. At the end of the regular Oct. 17 meeting, Director David Hunt announced his intention to resign after the Nov. 21 meeting.

The second item, and the reason the special meeting was originally scheduled, is a performance evaluation of General Manager Jack Hoagland.


  1. Another pathetic, ongoing iwd tragedy, Idyllwild customers keep your broken hydrants, poisonous water, substandard pipe and incompetent board members out of pine cove. Schelly as president you should resign too. Walking out of a board meeting in a huff because jp gave you a hard time as president is unforgivable. Believe me you haven’t seen the pressure yet. Wait until the resignation signs and a professional review start.

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