Brandon McGlover pleads guilty to Cranston Fire ignition. File photo

            Brandon McGlover (33), who was charged with starting the Cranson Fire in July 2018, has pleaded guilty.

            McGlover pleaded guilty to two counts of arson, Penal code 451.5 (c), which is burning of a structure or forest land.

            “In count one, which is the Cranston Fire, he admitted to an allegation of burning multiple structures,” according to John Hall, public information officer for the District Attorney’s Office.            Judge Kelly Hansen then sentenced McGlover to 12 years and four months in state prison. This is the maximum sentence for admission of guilt of two counts.

v            Hansen also order McGlover to pay restitution to all victims.

            he was charged with 15 counts of arson, including igniting the Cranston Fire on July 25.As part of the plea bargain, the District Attorney dropped seven other counts

            The DA’s release added this statement, “After a thorough review of the evidence in the case, including testimony and evidence presented at McGlover’s preliminary hearing in November, the DA’s Office amended the charges filed against McGlover to best reflect the crimes he committed and the current status of the case. The original charges filed against McGlover required proving to a jury beyond a reasonable doubt that he had a specific intent to burn structures, which the evidence in the case does not support.”