The Local Review Board of the Idyllwild Historic Preservation District met briefly Thursday, April 25.
The board discussed the vacant lot on North Circle Drive adjacent to La Casita restaurant. At the January meeting, a member of the public asked the board about the property’s future since it had recently sold. The property is within the IHPD.
At the time, none of the members were aware of the transaction nor the intent of the new owner.
However, Chair Warren Monroe was skeptical that the LRB has authority to review new construction since it would not be contributing to the historic values within the current district.
Antone Pierucci, curator of history for Riverside County and staff to the LRB, said he has worked with the county Planning Department and no permits have yet been submitted or requested for the parcel.
Monroe repeated his previously expressed view, “The board does not deal with vacant land.”
The county ordinance states, “… the exterior architectural features of an existing building, structure or façade.”
Two other existing properties were briefly discussed. Board member Terry Shipley asked about the board’s role in approval of a cell tower on the Idyllwild Inn property, which is within the district.
Pierucci said he would check with the Planning Department and bring it to the July meeting. However, in the record of the Planning Commission’s Feb. 21, 2018, meeting, there is an email response to the planner from the Park and Open-Space District, saying, “No comments, looks fine. Thanks for the opportunity to review.”
Monroe added that the tower does not affect a historic building or façade of one.
Another member of the public asked about the potential sale of Town Hall, but several board members noted that Town Hall was not included within the boundaries of the IHPD.
The board would like to have a logo and member Ron Kammeyer had offered to draft one, but he was not present for the meeting. Monroe expressed hope that he would be able to attend the July meeting.
Pierucci offered to have a county graphic arts staff person propose a logo, too.
He also confirmed that the county budget does include some limited funding for board business cards and possibly becoming a member of the National Alliance of Preservation Commissions.