Caltrans Public Information Officer Terri Kasinga said Highway 74 between Mountain Center and Hemet will be open with escorts 18 hours each day of the Memorial Day weekend. Hours will be 6 a.m. to midnight Saturday through Monday, May 25 to 27.


  1. Golly Walley! Why Memorial Day weekend instead of Mother’s Day? I bet it has nothing to do with Idyllwild residents, and everything to do with a political good ole boy back rub, how gracious of them!

  2. Each of those failed culverts collapsed long before Feb. 14, yet they took my gas and property tax dollars and gave them away as entitlements and construction of non usable transportation projects. Then they had the audacity to stand before us and blame it on the storm marching a bunch of badges like a parade to make us feel grateful, outrageous! My out of pocket expenses ran into the thousands because of this.

  3. This town has substandard infrastructure all around, substandard roads, orange hydrants are marginal, just yellow paint a crap shot, uninsulated above ground electric lines, and a fire department who has grand jury inquiries alleging outrageous scary conduct against the “NEW” chief demanding a termination inquiry.

  4. Wake up Idyllwild. This town has substandard infrastructure. Bad roads, orange painted hydrants(meaning marginal use), yellow painted uncoded hydrants a crap shoot, uninsulated above ground electric wires, a water company that knowingly generated/injected poisonous contaminents and a fire department found by a grand jury to demand investigation termination proceedings against it’s newest chief for scary really bad untrustworthy misconduct! To say that Idyllwild is doing it’s best is a crock and a line pushed by good ole boys.

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