A couple weeks ago, the Town Crier reported on the status of the case related to Scott Shere, whose nine-year prison sentence for pleading guilty to both issuing criminal death threats and sending a threatening letter with the intent to extort money on Aug. 6 was reduced to three years probation. The newspaper inquired with the district attorney’s office as to the reason for the significant sentence reduction.
“The sentence was nine years and will be suspended upon his successful completion of probation, including mental health court,” John Hall, public information officer for the Riverside County District Attorney’s office, wrote in an email. “He will continue to have progress hearings monthly, as of now, for the duration.”
Shere directed the threats to Pine Cove Water District employees and also threatened to contaminate the water supply. When the case was taken to court, the district attorney added three more counts.
In the plea agreement, Shere must participate and complete counseling and a rehabilitation treatment program.
These actions influenced Judge Paul Dickerson’s decision to grant the probation rather send Shere directly to prison. Dickerson did initially pronounce a state prison sentence of nine years. However, he suspended the sentence and approved three years of probation instead.
In April, the court also began to schedule hearings for Shere with the mental health court. These are continuing. His most recent mental health progress hearing was Sept. 10 with the next scheduled hearing on Oct. 8.