By Richard Schwartz
Pine Cove Property Owners Association president

Michael Franklin of Riverside County Business and Community Services attended the Pine Cove Property Owners Association (PCPOA) Oct. 3 meeting to talk about the current status of County Service Area (CSA) 38 since the dissolution of the advisory committee earlier this year.
Franklin answered members’ questions addressing concerns about ad-valorem tax dollars allocated to CSA 38. He assured members that these funds cannot be spent by the county for anything other than things related to structural fire protection in Pine Cove. Furthermore, the funds continue to accumulate.
This means that when the Riverside County Fire Chief Bill Weiser and the Riverside County Board of Supervisors agree that a major expenditure is required (for example the purchase of a fire truck), money can be saved up to pay for it.
CSA 38 continues to receive roughly $70,000 per year. Any equipment purchased with CSA 38 funds receives an “asset tag” that shows where the purchase money came from and to whom that equipment belongs.
Equipment is often shared by different county agencies, but the asset tag ensures that CSA 38 equipment will always be returned to Pine Cove.
Franklin also assured PCPOA members that although most recommendations for expenditures of CSA 38 funds originate from the fire chief, community organizations such as PCPOA can make requests through Franklin or Opal Hellweg, legislative assistant to Riverside County Third District Supervisor Chuck Washington.
Items recommended by the advisory committee before dissolution, such as more fire hydrants, property number signs and brush clearing, have been or are in the process of being paid for with CSA 38 funds.
PCPOA will continue to be in touch with Franklin to stay current with CSA 38 activities and purchases.
Also, a letter was sent to Washington and Bruce Barton, director of Riverside County Emergency Management Department, regarding a siren alert system that includes Pine Cove. The letter accompanies this story.