Here are the local election results as of Monday evening. The Riverside County Registrar of Voters has about 215,000 vote-by-mail and 25,000 provisional ballots left to process. The next update is scheduled after the newspaper goes to press.

Idyllwild Fire Protection District Board

Christina Reitz: 544 votes

Dennis Fogle (appointed incumbent): 399 votes

Dan Messina (appointed incumbent): 373 votes

Lake Hemet Municipal Water District Board

David “Joe” Jorgensen: 1,026 votes

Hamilton Jones (appointed incumbent): 636 votes

*The Town Crier did reach out to these candidates with questions but neither candidate responded.

Mt. San Jacinto College Board of Trustees, Area 1

Brian Sylva: 16,194 votes

Edison Gomez-Krauss: 13,516 votes

Joseph Williams: 12,854 votes

California State Assembly, District 71

Randy Voepel (Republican, incumbent): 126,457 votes (Riverside County: 5,983 votes)

Liz “Elizabeth” Lavertu (Democrat): 86,418 votes (Riverside County: 3,868 votes)

U.S. Congress House of Representatives, District 36

Raul Ruiz (Democrat, incumbent): 116,779 votes

Erin Cruz (Republican): 74,172 votes