The Ralph M. Brown Act, which is codified as California Government Code sections 54950-54963, is open-meeting legislation that governs only local public agencies. (State public agencies are governed by separate legislation.)
Six presently active local governmental agencies on our Hill are governed by the Brown Act: the Idyllwild, Pine Cove, Fern Valley and Lake Hemet Municipal water districts, the Idyllwild Fire Protection District, and the Idyllwild Historic Preservation District. The Idyllwild Town Crier is the sole media monitor of these agencies.
These agencies are not owned by the board members and administrators who run them; they are owned by you. The board members and administrators work for you. They make decisions as to how to spend your tax dollars — and what services you get for them. The board members hire their administrators, but you can vote the board members in or out.
You don’t want local board members who merely perpetuate their own power or that of the agency they govern. You want board members that make good decisions for you and your community. They serve you.
The Town Crier attends and reports to you on the happenings at the public meetings of these six local agencies because you are not always able to attend them yourselves. This is perhaps the TC’s most important ongoing work for you.
But we could not monitor these agencies without your continuing Memberships. Our congratulations and thanks to all you Members for renewing your Memberships, thereby keeping the Town Crier serving our Hill community.