Should we be worrying?

Dear Editor:

It’s Thursday, Jan. 26, and the weatherman says we may have 75 mph wind gusts in their wind warning.

SCE (Edison) has been doing its fire prevention tree trimming for years now and I’ve always appreciated it; never gave it much thought. But looking up yesterday at the giant pine that sits between the power lines and my house (see photo), as a retired mechanical engineer, and looking at the current branch pattern (thanks to the tree trimmers), it looks to me that my tree is now weighted heavily, I’d guess roughly 500 to 700 pounds, toward my house.

So I just want to ask you, my Idyllwild-Pine Cove neighbors: What have been your experiences? And local arborists, should I (we) be concerned about this? And local attorneys, who is liable if/when this tree falls on your or my house? Looking forward to some oped responses from y’all.

Mark Dean
Pine Cove