Readers Write: November 10, 2016: IFPD ISO rating

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The large ad in the newspaper against Measure W was paid by private citizens.

I really question if those citizens live in the Idyllwild Fire Protection District, especially the ad requesting dissolving Idyllwild Fire.

Their “fact” that all the insurance companies were contacted about ISO 2 rating and no discount offered is incorrect.

Glad it was high in the ad so I didn’t have to read on.

My Idyllwild home insurance company is AARP Hartford, and when I called last month when I got my insurance renewal, they said, yes, my policy did reflect the new rating.

How can I be sure? The fact that my policy did not increase this year. That is savings.

If people want a better IFPD, then participate. They have/or, hopefully, had, two openings for community finance. Step up to the plate and volunteer if you are the complainer and ad buyer.

Merrie VonSeggern



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