Noel Alumit, author of “Talking to the Moon,” answers questions from the audience regarding his book at B’s Mountain of Books during another Idyllwild Authors Series presentation Sunday, July 10. Photo by Cid Castillo


  1. I've been reading "Talking to the Moon", since being introduced to it at Noël Alumit's appearance at B's Mountain of Books ( gotta love that name– straight out of Lake Wobegon ). It's a beautiful read! It takes us into the lives of the filipino community in Los Angeles, one of the diverse cultures that make up this (arguably ) most diverse city in the world. My partner Frank and I divide our time between homes on the hill and in Atwater Village, a section of LA with a large filipino population. To read and gain insight into this culture that I live among, that's more-or-less hiding in plain sight, and yet remains elusive, is a special treat. Alumit sets a lovely but melancholy tone that seems to fit not just the tragic events of the story, but something deeper in the culture. Recommended. Thanks, Noël! Thanks, Eduardo!