[Idyllwild Fire District Commissioners Pete] Capparelli and [Paul] Riggi should step aside now.

This new board will need every minute possible to steer clear of the arriving train wreck. [Commissioners Ben] Killingsworth, and [Jeannine] Stigall should resign, not because Measure G failed, but because they had no needs analysis or spending plan and didn’t understand the true operating costs of the district as emphatically stated by the Grand Jury if [Measure G] had passed.

Now that [Measure G] has failed they certainly have no short-, mid-, or long-term primary, let alone alternative, budget plans.

The measure’s failure is serious and warrants their resignations. If not immediate, serious political pressure should be brought to bear including recall and the demand for the chief’s resignation.

Jeff Smith
Pine Cove

Editor’s note: The IFPD election was Aug. 30. The term of office for commissioners Capparelli and Riggi ends the first Friday of December. They were defeated for re-election.

The terms for Commissioners Killingsworth and Stigall do not end until December 2013.