Electronic campaign fianance

The Board of Supervisors considered a resolution to make local campaign finances more transparent and consistent with state law. John Benoit, 4th District supervisor and also a former state assemblyman and state senator, proposed a resolution that would require candidates or their campaign committees to file the currently required reports online, rather than as a paper document.

Electronic filing will make it easier for the public to review the contributions and sources. This would also reduce staff time needed to verify and review the submission, thus generating some savings for the Registrar of Voters office.

The electronic submission would apply to semi-annual campaign statements, pre-election campaign statements and any amended campaign statements. A contribution of $1,000 or more would have to be disclosed within 24 hours.

Radio tower at Lake Hemet
For the past several years, Riverside County has been renovating its public safety communication network. This has been especially important for Hill communities where electronic communication can be interrupted or lost. Four sites have already been located on the Hill, such as Marion Ridge and Santa Rosa Peak. But, county communication officials have determined that the local terrain would still create holes in the system. To ensure a completely reliable network, the county has leased a site at Lake Hemet and will pay Lake Hemet Municipal Water District $1,000 annually for 50 years.

County Service Area 36 Advisory Committee
The CSA 36 Advisory Committee has a vacancy. If you are an Idyllwild resident and interested in serving on the committee, whose functions include recreation and street lights, please contact Opal Hellweg, legislative assistant for 3rd District Supervisor Jeff Stone. Her phone number is (951) 955-1030 or 698-7326.