Kudos to Steve [Savage] and Phil [Calderone] for a well-run festival. It introduces new people to our hamlet, and with the exceptionally low price to locals for four days of entertainment, we felt privileged to attend. The opening night party was well-attended and we devoured the great grub and swell spirits.

However, the awards ceremony listed the Audience Choice Award (that’s our pick) as “Life at the Resort.” To be kind, this movie was a stinker.

When the populace of Bulgaria hear the “Life at the Resort” was the Audience Favorite at the International Idyllwild Film Festival their theaters will be jammed. After paying their hard-earned stotinki on this turkey, we, as Idyllwild residents may be inundated with letters or e-mails such as the following:

“Our decision to see this film came about because the world renowned critics, Jeff Smith and Norm Cassen, must have lent their support to the prestigious award. Boy were we disappointed!”

It was learned from Phil that the “Audience Choice” Award was given to the film having the greatest number of patrons. Even with Shane selling wine at the last showing of “Life at the Resort” more people exited by mid-point of the movie than stayed to see the credits.

For the sake of the Bulgarian people, next year please change the selection process, or omit this award.
Steve “Ruthless” Moulton