The ice rink, proposed for the Idyllwild Community Center site, is being dismantled. Gary Steven, the operator, has given up.

Dismantling the Idyllwild ice rink

Yesterday, the Town Crier received the following note for the community.

"Dear Friends and Neighbors,

We wanted to let everyone know that the proposed Winter Ice Skating Rink the ICC Site will not be opening this year. We were looking forward to sharing this type of activity for all the Hill residents, but regretfully, we were told that they (the contractors) were unable to freeze the ice due to mechanical failure. Hopefully, we can try again next year … We want to thank all of you for your patience and understanding and look forward to seeing you out and about in our wonderful mountain community.

Yours truly,
ICRC Board Directors
Dawn Sonnier, Emily White, Scott Redeker, Cheryl Vladika, Claudia Posey & CAN coordinator Judy Schonebaum