Throwing a Super Bowl Party is a tradition at the American Legion Post 800 as seen in this February 1999 photo. File photo

55 years ago – 1957
US Marines from Camp Pendleton moved into the Dark Canyon-Pine Flats area to begin a series of winter maneuver operations in the snow.

50 years ago – 1962
Noble Aller, of Idyllwild, Hemet Unified School Sistrict trustee, accepted appointment as the combined districts’ spokesman on the area school unification committee.

45 years ago – 1967
A Riverside amateur sports car driver, Dr. Chester J. Ward, was killed on Highway 74 while driving between Mountain Center and the Cranston Ranger Station.

40 years ago – 1972
More than $150,000 in paintings, statues and other valuable items were stolen from the Idyllwild home of Richard A. Carter.

30 years ago – 1982
County Fire Station 23 (Pine Cove) Quick Attack truck slid over the side of Hwy. 243 in Pine Cove, rolling down the mountainside and becoming wedged between two trees. It took a tow truck and a fire truck with a winch to pull up the unit.

25 years ago – 1987
The Riverside Mountain Rescue Unit rescued a stranded climber from Tahquitz Rock. Flown in by helicopter, the rescuers rappelled down the face of Tahquitz to bring the climber to safety.

20 years ago – 1992
A bus carrying a church group from Orange Country careened off the road a few miles west of Vista Point, sliding 30 to 50 feet down the mountain and sending 29 people the hospital. All were released later that night.

15 years ago – 1997
Holly Leavitt (O’Farrell now) led the regulars to her Jazzercise class at the Town Hall in a recording of a promotional video for the Jazzercise company. Hundreds of girls auditioned for the 23 spots on the team.

10 years ago - 2002
South Coast Air Quality Management (AQMD) issued a notice of violation to Hemet Unified School District (HUSD) for the failure to properly remove asbestos roofing tiles that were found buried behind Idyllwild School in 2000.

5 years ago – 2007
Controversy over how the Idyllwild Environmental Conservancy should manage its relationship with the Idyllwild Water District lead to the resignation of the second member, and president, in the previous twelve months.

1 year ago – 2011
Brandi Selkirk and Crystal Leach, were named the winners of $500 scholarship awards from the Mary Austin Scholarships and Grants program.