Riverside County Sheriff’s Department deputies again arrested Ron Kimmerle at his Laurel Drive home at around 10:45 a.m. on Wednesday, May 23. Special Investigations Supervisor Sgt. Wallace Clear confirmed that Kimmerle, 49, would be charged with multiple counts of residential burglary.

This is Kimmerle’s third arrest in just under a month. It follows an April 27 arrest for receiving stolen property. Kimmerle subsequently posted bail and was released. The second arrest on May 9 was for making criminal threats. Kimmerle was released two days later when the District Attorney’s office declined to press charges, based on insufficient evidence.

Clear confirmed that his department’s investigation was able to connect Kimmerle, the stolen goods and several of the burglaries that produced the stolen artilces.

Kimmerle is in jail at the Southwest Detention Center in Murietta. Bail has been set at $150,000 for 7 counts of felony burglary and $150,000 for 300 counts of felony receiving stolen property.

The District Attorney’s office will next review the Sheriff’s Department arrest and findings and make a decision about whether evidence is sufficient to bring a case. Kimmerle is to appear at 8 a.m. on Friday, May 25 at the Southwest Justice Center in Murietta.


  1. No, he belongs in jail. Perhaps this time the DA will file charges against him. Thank you to the Sheriff's Dept. for being persistant and finding the connection to Mr. Kimmerle and the burglaries and stolen goods. Let's hope that this time the system will work in our favor.

  2. Wow, how it must feel to walk around town as Idyllwilds most hated person! I have seen him twice since his first arrest and he just shoots dirty looks at anyone who looks his way. Good riddance I hope he moves on from here when he gets out of the big house.

  3. So, third strike for Mr. Kimmerle, maybe, just maybe we will be able to keep this dirt bag in jail this time. The burglaries on the hill are getting way out of hand, I like my belongings, worked very hard for them, i’m sure you all feel the same way. Let’s hope the law does its job this time.