Jesse Mitchell, from L.A. originally from Portsmouth Virginia, on the sax engaging the crowd with his amazing talent, playing the Ray Charles version of "America the Beautiful"at Monday's "Rent Party, paying it forward in Rhythm and Hues." The party was a great success with incredible talent. The proceeds will go to help 3 very worthy families and one homeless gentleman. Photo by Careena Chase


Coley Mustafa Speaks (center) passionately reading "I Dream a World" followed by "Let America Be America," two inspirational poems written by Langston Hughes. His new wife, Kirby Speaks, accompanies him with beautiful vocals with Jesse Mitchell on the sax. A special event at Monday's "Rent Party, paying it forward with Rhythm and Hues," that brought the audience to their feet with explosive applause. Photo by Careena Chase


Piper Dellums, on the committee for the "Rent Party," brought this talent to the Hill for the Rent Party. Photo by Careena Chase


Mayor Max is greeted with love by Sharon Flannagan, from Palm Desert, at Monday's "Rent Party, Paying it Forward in Rhythm and Hues." Photo by Careena Chase


Daniel Jackson plays keyboards accompanied by vocalist Dorothy Annette. Paul Carmen, center, was the sound man for the event. Photo by Careena Chase


Tricia Pilkington plays and sings original songs at Monday's "Rent Party." Photo by Careena Chase


Trine Bietz dancing to Wayne Cameron on the box drum and Lily McCabe on the fiddle at Monday's "Rent Party." Photo by Careena Chase


  1. I came up from Temecula, not knowing anyone. I had the most amazing day! The community of Idyllwild were the kindest and most welcoming people I have met in a long time. It was a great event! Music filled the air all afternoon and food was abundant. Thanks Idyllwild. Can't wait until the next one!

  2. My wife and I also came up from Temecula. We met Fran and many others there and thoroughly enjoyed this most worthwhile event. There was great music and more!! Based on what we saw and experienced, it would have been accurate to add after your photos: "and a good time was had by all;" We'll be back for the next one.

    Idyllwild — What a cool place to be !!