What makes the United States Armed Forces the greatest government entity in the world and is the very reason why Idyllwild Fire should be dissolved?

[The answer is] objectivity and reproducibility or in this case a lack thereof.

It’s not about cost or who is employed. Can Idyllwild Fire objectively replace its three captains at will as effective representatives of the administration or community? No.

Hence the problem. Without question, they view themselves above the law — civil and, yes, criminal.

Their conduct repeatedly demonstrates this. It’s not about “Trunk or Treat,” the benevolence of their or our hearts, or the fact that they will defend Idyllwild with their lives.

As such, the EMS and fire mechanisms designed to protect us mean little within their eyes. Our safety and property is at stake.

That is why I believe this department should be dissolved, now.

Jeff Smith
Pine Cove


  1. Just for perspective, cops and firemen are a corrupt brotherhood in most cities. The problem gets worse, when an honest guy joins the team but isn't rotten, he is made to feel an outsider, then soon leaves that team for fear of suspicious accidents or retaliation.
    In Long Beach fire dept, this was in the news a year ago, a fireman with some rank captain or otherwise, was drunk driving home, hit and run on a cyclist. He got community service at the police station while on probate, ended up liquifying purrel and got drunk off the alcohol while in this fake jail.
    In LA county, constant abuse of police helicopter for Impressing a girl, or hooking up a pal with fast transportation.

    In OC, when a reporter wrote about the HB abuses on the helicopter, that reporter was getting extra aerial attention by the ghetto bird, when that chopper's charter was limited to city limits.

    Ask for the records, no records. You are imagining everything. You must be discredited and labelled paranoid and off your meds.

    My approach to making life livable, is to accept that corruption exists, and that 30% corruption is acceptable to me, whereas China, Ruusia, India and Mexico, its overt and close to 90%

    How much corruption can you tolerate from civil servants, what is your threshold before you move away, or go to court, or storm the castle