We — myself, my husband and two dogs — are part-timers who love Idyllwild. We continue to be impressed with the way residents help each other in times of emergency, and inspire us to make the most of life in times of peace.

Local friends who share our combined interests in art — ARF, astronomy, music, hiking, good food and knitting (leave Doug out of that last one) — keep us current on what’s happening.

Our involvement in Idyllwild activities has grown with the construction of our vacation home, and we’re able to attend many AAI events, ARF fundraisers, and excellent offerings at Idyllwild Arts Academy.

It’s not just IA students who have schedules and deadlines. but some of us delight in the opportunities local groups offer to share what we love with townspeople and visitors.

This season has been like music and art camp for me, as I rehearsed for the Historical Society’s Home Tour on Saturday, Sept. 14.

I’ll play music with friends, local and “imported,” at the museum from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

On Sunday, I was part of the Art Alliance’s “Deer Herd Gathering” with my painted fawn. It’s a public art project that’s been a highlight of my summer.

It’s exciting to participate in special events, and the more I volunteer, the deeper my roots in Idyllwild grow.

Speaking of roots, this spring we admired the first flowering of lilacs I helped plant in Gary Parton’s five-year volunteer project.

The fun and challenges I’ve experienced over the years are truly part of my journey to the mountains.

I’m grateful to Idyllwild for being who and what you are. Inspiration is everywhere.

Lois Sheppard
Seal Beach/Idyllwild