In the past week, a series of six earthquakes shook the Idyllwild area along the San Jacinto Fault.

The first was at about 3:45 Monday afternoon, Dec. 30, and was the largest and closest. The 3.6-magnitude earthquake could be felt throughout Idyllwild. The epicenter was about 2 miles south-southwest of Idyllwild and 9 miles east-southeast of Valle Vista. No injuries or damages were immediately identified.

About four hours later, another quake of magnitude 2.2 occured 4 miles north-northwest of Anza and 13 miles southeast of Valle Vista.

The third quake was larger (magnitude 3.1) and occurred about 11 miles east-southeast of Anza. This tremor was at about 1:30 a.m. Tuesday, Dec. 31. It was followed within 12 hours by a 2.2 tremor near Pine Cove and Idyllwild, close to the site of the first quake.

Two days later, Jan. 2, another 2.2 magnitude quake occurred southeast of Anza and closer to the desert.

The latest quake, 2.6 magnitude, occurred Sunday afternoon, Jan. 5, near the third site.