Visitors get spooked during the 2014 Halloween Ghost Town. Photo by John Pacheco, File PHoto
Visitors get spooked during the 2014 Halloween Ghost Town.
Photo by John Pacheco, File PHoto

After 10 years and lots of scary nights, Idyllwild’s Halloween Ghost Town may truly become a ghost town. Without more help, founder and organizer Kathy Wilson may have to shut the doors to the October weekend adventure.

“The Ghost Town has grown, and the core group of people who actually build from start to finish has dwindled to about four of us,” Wilson said in an email. “The core group … who provide the majority of the physical labor, and those few who help with makeup and tech for the Ghost Town, called it quits last year. We just cannot continue as we are.”

The October weekend event has grown beyond the bounds of a handful of volunteers, and some of the stalwarts have grown up and left the Hill.

Ghost Town’s continuation may depend upon the willingness of others to help produce the event. Proceeds from the annual Halloween scare go to Idyllwild School.

“If the community and parents do not jump in to help, the Ghost Town will become a thing of the past,” Wilson lamented. Several dozen were willing to give time for the First Zombie Run last November, but Wilson hopes just as many will volunteer time to keep the event available for future scare seekers.

Muscles with the strength to lift and move walls for the building to and from storage, as well as a flatbed truck, are examples of the type of help she is seeking. Then the structure has to be erected, wired and then razed, all within about six to eight weeks. Other types of help include guides, acting teachers, security and computer techs.

With enough assistance, Wilson envisions a Zombie Weekend, including the participation of local businesses and inns, a Zombie-after Party and more activities or runs.

Wilson can be reached at [email protected] or 951-659-3228.