The California Public Utilities Commission will hold a community forum in San Diego to discuss and answer questions about the CPUC’s July 2015 decision to significantly change residential electricity rates, including the requirement that starting in 2019, all residential customers will be offered time-of-use rates as a default.

The forum is at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 2, at The Jacobs Center, 404 Euclid Ave., San Diego.

The CPUC’s July 2015 decision is intended to create a smooth transition of the state’s residential electricity rates to a more effective and cost-based structure, empowering consumers with more opportunities to conserve, and promoting resource optimization and grid reliability.

At the forum, the CPUC will discuss time-of-use rates, the transition from four- to two-rate tiers, the economic and environmental benefits of these new rates, and the CPUC’s plans to work closely with utilities and communities throughout California to ensure that consumers are ready for these changes.

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  1. Has anyone gteton their PG&E bill with the new, imposed opt-out fees? I got mine recently and don’t want to pay ($75 one-time fee & $10 monthly fee). Can I just leave $85 out and explain that I never agreed? or should I suck it up, pay it under duress as recommended on a few websites and hope to get the $$ back when this mess gets sorted out? I am a little nervous of getting sued down the road for not paying, but I also don’t believe I should pay them for something I never agreed for them to install and then come out and uninstall.