Last week in “The Days of Our Nine Lives,” kittens were causing a ruckus amongst the more mature felines.

Leia: Easy come, easy go.


Mr. Gray: You talkin’ about the kittens?

Leia: Yep. All four adopted this past weekend. That was a short visit for those little girls.

Bobbie: Yippee! Good news for us adult cats. Now maybe we’ll get some attention!

Bill: But did you hear about the new dog?

Bobbie: Dog? Did you say dog?



Bill: I did. Her name is Checkers, and her forever dad just passed away.

Bobby: That’s sad. What kind of dog is she?

Bill: She’s a Border Collie-mix.

Leia: Is that her?

Checkers: (entering the cattery) Are you referring to me? Yes, I’m Checkers.

Bill: Hello, Checkers, and welcome to ARF. Are you happy in your foster home?


Checkers: Really happy. They take me for walks (I love walks!) and throw the ball for me. It’s wonderful.

Bobbie: How old are you?

Checkers: I’m almost 4.

Bill: I’m sorry you lost your forever human, but you’re so personable and sweet, I bet you’ll find a new family in no time.

Checkers: I hope so. My foster parents are so good to me, but there’s nothing like a permanent home.

Bobbie: You’re right. We’re all waiting to find our forever families.


Checkers: I can’t believe you’re all waiting here. If these humans up here on this mountain would take a few minutes to get to know you, you’d be gone tomorrow.

Bobbie: Couldn’t agree more.

Checkers: Well, when I’m out on my walks, I’ll do my best to get everyone to stop in and meet all of you.

Will Checkers be able to help herd some humans into the ARF Cattery? Be sure to keep up with the animal antics of “The Days of our Nine Lives” each week. And please stop in to say hello to the entire adoptable cast at the ARF House, 26890 Hwy. 243, on Saturdays 10-4 and Sundays 10-2, or by appointment M-F by calling 951-659-1122.

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