Two non-injury vehicle crashes took place over the last week on Hill roads.

At 1:20 pm. Saturday, Sept. 24, two vehicles were westbound on Highway 74 just east of the intersection with Highway 371 when one vehicle attempted to pass the other.

Sean Stowe, 36, of La Quinta, was driving his 2017 black Cadillac sedan westbound on Highway 74. Behind him, Elbert Hill, 62, of Indio, was also driving westbound in a 2015 white Dodge Ram truck. Ahead of Stowe and Hill was an unidentified motorist driving slowly, estimated to be driving at around 50 mph.

According to California Highway Patrol Officer Mike Muraski’s on-scene report, Hill attempted to legally pass Stowe just at the time Stowe pulled out to pass the slow-driving motorist in front of him.

This caused Stowe’s Cadillac to sideswipe Hill’s passing truck, causing damage to both vehicles — on the left side of Stowe’s Cadillac and on the right of Hill’s truck. The unidentified motorist proceeded onward without being involved.

According to Officer Darren Meyer, CHP public information officer, Stowe was responsible for both checking his rear and side view mirrors as well as what was ahead of him before attempting to pass. Because he failed to do so, it was Stowe who was responsible for executing an unsafe turning movement.

There were no injuries and no other vehicles were involved in the collision.

At 4:04 a.m. Monday, Sept. 26, Paul Garlock, 50, of Idyllwild, was driving his 2009 white Chevrolet Impala north on Highway 243 a half-mile north of Twin Pines Road, when he ran off the road and hit the mountainside. According to Meyer, Garlock’s vehicle had major damage to the front and rear end, indicating that the vehicle probably spun around when it struck the mountainside. Garlock was not injured and was arrested for driving under the influence.