My husband and I live in Mountain Center and come to Idyllwild a couple times a month. We usually have our two medium-sized dogs with us and have gone to the dog park on occasion.

Saturday, April 8, we stopped in, got our dogs out and were just getting ready to join the two other medium-sized dogs when the owners said, “Put your dogs on the other side.” Now, why would we want to do that? Isn’t the whole point of a dog park for dogs to meet and play together? Needless to say, we left.

We have taken our dogs to dog parks all over the country while traveling in our RV and never had any problems. Why would someone go to a dog park and make others feel unwelcome when they come with their dogs? They asked us why we were leaving and I said that we were there for our dogs to socialize. Their two dogs looked perfectly happy and fine, tails wagging at the fence, no barking or growling. I don’t understand the problem.

Carole J. Winch

Mountain Center