Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,”  ARF welcomed a litter of three puppies to the ARF family.


Little Girl: Wow, have I got lots of news, bigger than last week’s!

Mr. Jingle: What could be a bigger deal than three puppies?

Little Girl: Adoptions and a new canine ARF family member.

Alvin: Please let me tell! Please!

Mr. Jingle

Mr. Jingle: Spill the beans, Alvin.

Alvin: My sister Holly and my brother Dasher found forever homes.

Indigo: That’s wonderful, and I have no doubt you will find yours very, very soon.

Little Girl: And there are more adoptions! Trenton and Zorro were adopted together, and the following day Augusta found her forever home. So that’s five adoptions in the last week.

Mr. Jingle: What a great week. I hope I find a home where I will be the only dog.


Little Girl: You will, I’m certain.  And speaking of dogs, ARF’s new dog is Boots, a sweet little girl who is maybe 3 years old.

Indigo: Is she big? Little? Does she like cats?

Alvin: Turn around, Indigo. She’s right here.

Boots: Hello, everyone! And to answer your question, Indigo, I think cats are just fine.  And I like dogs, too.

Alvin: Do you want to play with me?

Boots: You bet I do!

Little Girl

Indigo: What kind of dog are you?

Boots: There’s no question I’m a mixed breed, but I’ve been told I look as if I am part Corgi.

Little Girl: And you look small enough to fit on a human’s lap.

Boots: I’m only 18 pounds, so yeah, I do fit nicely on a human’s lap.

Little Girl: And I heard the ARF humans say you are very friendly and very loving.

Boots: That I am.

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