Robert Lewis, Town Hall recreation director, gave this report on Town Hall Youth Basketball.

Division 1 (ages 6-9)

On Friday, Jan. 12, the Acumen Tree Service Celtics hosted the Idyology Bulls. Logan Wilkerson scored a team high of 6 points for the Bulls, but the Celtics countered with 12 points form Salvador Solorio as the Celtics beat the Bulls 24-8.

In the second game, the Cafe Aroma Lakers played the American Legion Warriors. Roger Gonzalez played a good game for the Warriors scoring 6 points, however, Indigo Dagnall had the hot hand for the Lakers with 12 points as the Lakers beat the Warriors 18-12.

On Tuesday, Jan. 16, the first game saw the Cafe Aroma Lakers played the Acumen Tree Service Celtics. Tony Solorio played a great game for the Celtics with 9 points. Rory Lovett-Jensen scored 5 points for the Lakers, but the Celtics remained unbeaten with a 23-12 victory over the Lakers.

In the second game, the Idyology Bulls went up against the American Legion Warriors. Landon Bloom played great defense and scored 4 points for the Bulls. Zane Booth grabbed many rebounds and scored 5 points for the Warriors, but it wasn’t enough as the Bulls beat the Warriors 22-13.

On Friday, Jan. 19, the Idyology Bulls hosted the Cafe’ Aroma Lakers. Gus Peterson had a good game for the Bulls scoring 8 points, but Ethan Castro had a great game scoring a crucial bucket for the Lakers as they beat the Bulls 27-15.

The American Legion Warriors played the Acumen Tree Service Celtics. The Celtics jumped out to a 12-4 half-time lead thanks to Lucy Newman playing great defense and scoring a bucket. Maison Sanchez played very well for the Warriors grabbing many rebounds but the Celtics beat the Warriors 24-4.

Standings Wins Losses

Acumen Tree Service 3 0

Cafe Aroma 2 1

Idyology Bulls 1 2

American Legion Warriors 0 3

Division 2 (ages 10-13)

On Friday, Jan. 12, the opening game was a fantastic game between the Higher Grounds Coffee House Kings and the Idyology Warriors. Cody Fogle had a good game scoring 12 points for the Kings, but the Warriors countered with Cole Kenyon scoring all 7 of his points in the fourth quarter as the Warriors squeaked by the Kings 27-24.

In the second game, the Fairway Market Spurs played the Higher Grounds Coffee House. This was also a tight contest. Colby Sonnier had a good game for the Kings scoring 4 points, but the Spurs got hot in the fourth quarter and Skyler Kraemer scored 8 of his team high 14 points as the Spurs held on to beat the Kings 22-17.

On Friday, Jan. 19, the Fairway Market Spurs played a doubleheader playing the Idyology Warriors in the first game.  Bailey Easley hauled in many rebounds and scored 4 points for the Warriors. Dane Mock scored 4 points for the Spurs as they beat the Warriors 31-14.

In the second game, the Fairway Market Spurs played the Higher Grounds Coffee House Kings. The Spurs jumped out to an early lead thanks to great defense and a bucket by Jayden Fogle. The Spurs tried to make a game out of it with Mecino Reynosa scoring a bucket, but it wasn’t enough as the Kings beat the Spurs 27-13.

Standings Wins Losses

Fairway Market Spurs 2 1

Idyology Warriors 1 1

Higher Grounds

Coffee House Kings12


Mike Holato of Town Hall gave this report on recent Co-ed Adult Volleyball games.



  • Wilson Woodworking defeated Idyllwild Brewpub 25-17, 26-24, 17-15, 25-16.

• Wilson Woodworking defeated Silver Pines in straight sets 25-19, 25-12 25-22.

• Idyllwild Garage defeated Silver Pines in staright sets to tighten up the standings 25-10, 25-22, 25-14.

With four weeks left, the standings:


Standings Wins Losses

Wilson Woodworking 6 2

Silver Pines 5 2

Idyllwild Garage 4 3

Idyllwild Brewpub 2 5

Perez  0 5


Jim Crandall, Palms to Pines Golf Association  handicap chair, provided this report about the Association’s regular monthly tourney on Friday, Jan. 19, at the Cross Creek Golf Club in Temecula .

For the first tournament of 2018, the Association decided to play a four-man scramble instead of its regular stroke-play format.

The four-man scramble features teams of four players competing against the other teams. Each team’s players hit from the tee box. Then the team members choose the best of the four shots for the second shot. All team members then play that shot from the same location. For each remaining shot, they follow the same pattern and choose the best shot.

Play continues in this manner until the hole is completed. The team then records its score and maintains that format for all 18 holes. Since the teams get four chances at each shot, scores tend to be much lower than in individual stroke play.

One criterion is that each team is required to use at least four drives from each player. Since the teams are made up of both high and low handicap players, this can present a challenge because the higher handicappers are more apt to struggle with hitting good drives.

The team of Dennis Chavez (course handicap 9), Ken Garelick (25), David Hiemenz (40) and Lee Lanfried (26) had the lowest cumulative score and won first place with a 4-under-par 67.

Jerry Daquila (26), Barry Wallace (14) and Tony McLean (20, non-member) took second with a 2-under-par 69. This team only had three players, so they rotated the fourth shot.

And third place went to the team of Pete Capparelli (22), Jim Crandall (13), John King (25) and Chris Kramer (40) with a 1-under-par 70.

The winners of the closest-to-the-pin contests on the four par 3s were Chavez on hole no. 3; Crandall on hole no. 8; Pete Holzman on the 12th hole; and Capparelli on hole no. 17.

For this tourney, 3 points were awarded to each member of the first-place team, 2 points to each on the second-place team and 1 point to each on the third-place team. Everyone who participated received one-half point.

After six tournaments for the 2017-18 season, here are the current point standings for the club championship playoffs for the new season, which runs from August  2017 through July 2018:

Place Golfer Points

1 Pete Capparelli 21

2 Scott Schroeder 16.33

3 Pete Holzman 15.83

4 Dennis Chavez 15

5 Ken Garelick 11.833

6 Bob Wadlow 9

7 Lee Lanfried 8.5

8 Jim Crandall 6

9 Dave Robb 5.5

tied John King 5.5

11 Mike Brown 4.5

12 Barry Wallace 3.5

13 Gary Brown 1

tied Mike Higginboth 1

15 John Newman 0.5

tied Robert Priefer 0.5

Jeff White 0.5

Flight B is comprised of high handicappers (greater than  24.4 as of Oct. 1) who don’t qualify to compete in the club championships, but participate in the monthly tournaments.

The B-Flighters will go into their own playoffs at the end of the year to determine the B-Flight Club Champion.

Place Golfer Points

1 Dave Hiemenz 28

2 Dave Curl 22.5

tied Jerry Daquila 22.5

4 Don DePalma 7

tied Barry Zander 7

6 Tom Flanagan 3.5

7 Chris Kramer 2.5

8 Dale Calderon 2

9 Tony Viola 0.5

Points are awarded at each tournament as follows: first place, 6 points; second place, 4 points; third place, 3 points; fourth place, 2 points; fifth place, 1 point. Also, one-half point is awarded to everyone who participates.

A member has to compete in at least five regular-season tournaments to qualify for the playoffs.

The club is a member of the Southern California Golf Association and is sanctioned to establish SCGA handicaps for members.

If interested in joining the club or playing as a guest, contact Crandall at [email protected] or 951-265-5732, or Capparelli at [email protected] or 951-452-5552.