Charter Members are renewing right on time as we launch the second year of the Town Crier’s Membership model. This is critically important to the main objective of the Membership model, which is to establish for prospective new owners that TC readers are supportive of keeping a real newspaper for our Hill community.

Up here, we still have eight local governmental agencies, supported by our tax dollars, which make decisions and/or recommendations as to how additional tax dollars are to be spent — and they are monitored by nobody but the Town Crier. The TC also provides verified updates as to happenings on our Hill, from emergency information to entertainment events.

Just this past week, the TC served our community by verifying and disseminating correct information regarding road closures due to a threatened thunderstorm in the face of false information being spread by other sources.

So far, 133 Members have renewed for their second year — that is almost 20 percent of our active Membership — and we are only one month into our second Membership year. Your renewals of your Memberships are keeping your Hill newspaper in action, serving our community. Congratulations to you all, and many thanks!

Town Crier second-year
renewing Members

(133 Membership renewals as of Oct. 1, 2018)

Saving and supporting the Town Crier
for our community

Angels (2) — Other amount, unlimited above $1,000 annually:  Nancy Borchers $2,000; Charles “Chic” Fojtik $1,100; (0) Anonymous.


Heroes (1) — $1,000 annually:  Janice Lyle; (0) Anonymous.

Patrons (6) — $500+ annually:  Morgan Cannon; Kitty Kieley Hayes; Pamela Jordan & Christopher Scott; Ron Luebbert; (2) Anonymous $500.

Sponsors (23) — $250+ annually:  Pete & Suzy Capparelli; Blair Ceniceros; Diann Coate; Arthur & Deborah Cravets; John & Linda Denver; Isabelle Dubois; Byron & Marcia Edwards $300; Guy & Nancy Excell; The Family Business (tax preparation - Craig & Janice Coopersmith); Dave & Laurie Fraser; Christine & Jan Goldsmith; Paula & Robert Hetzler; Ben & Nanci Killingsworth; Jason Laurence & Alexandra Napier; Nancy Wallace Lungren for Don & Elizabeth Wallace Family Trust; Sue Nash & Tom Paulek; Ben & Rue Pine; Raphael Plunkett; The Red Kettle (Bruce Ross); Dr. Andy Ridgwell; Fran & Steve Robb; Adele & Bob Smith; Karen Smith; (0) Anonymous.

Sustaining Readers (101) — $100+ annually: Patricia Altman; Cheryl & Lon Barr; Albert Bates; Nancy & Richard Beggs; Anne & Donald Bentley; Kerry Berman; Rick Bernardin; Antoinette Berthelotte; Douglas & Maureen Boren; Bernard & Jorgine Brause; Paul Browne; Kathy Bryson & Annette Wassell $200; Charles Buchanan $150; Kenneth Camoirano; Dr. Garrett & Harmeet Capune; Steve Chadwick; Reg & Tria Cohen & Rena Dear; Joe & Shawna Curtis; Margaret & Michael D’Ambra; Iris & Peter Davison; Mizzi Diamond & Tim Doyle; Don & Sherryn Digby; Jon Dittmer; Bonnie Doshier, a gift from Jean Stein; Carol & Dennis Dunbar; Greg & Nancy Dunlap; John Dunne; Sverre & Gerd Eng; Jennie & Steven Espinosa; Everitt’s Minerals & Gallery (Janet & Larry Everitt); Fern Valley Inn (Gary & Marcie Erb); Fern Valley Water District; Farah Fisher; Amy Fogerson & Kent Weishaus; Chris Fox; Françoise Frigola; Roland Gaebert; Merle & Rosemarie Gardner; Dick & Jan Goldberg; Bob & Corinne Greenamyer; Karin & Richard Greenwood; Dick & Karen Hadik $200; Marcia Harlan & Charles Phelan; Karin Hedstrom; Emily Heebner & Eric Young; Carole Herman & Sandi Mathers; Peggy Holsclaw; Frank Hungerford; David Israelsky & Janice Zahn; Don “Jac” & Mimi Jacaruso; Barbara Jones; Donna & Sam Kelly; Beverly & Ted Kilman; Anne & Jon King; Marcia & Ron Krull; Nadiene Kuhn & Diane Smith; Elaine Latimer; Erin Latimer; Karla & W.F. Leopold; Daniel & Jane Levy; Robert Lippert; Elizabeth Locke; Barbara & Michael Longbrook; Brian Marshall; Ralph McClurg; Joan McCullough; Maureen McElligott; Jane Meier; Middle Ridge Winery Tasting Gallery (Chris & Melody Johnston); Dawn & Jim O’Keeffe; Gerald Pauley; Heather Perry; Marlene & Thomas Pierce; Ed & Sandy Reed; Alice & Vic Scavarda; Richard Schnetzer; Glenn & Susan Schumacher; Steve Shaw; Doug & Lois Sheppard; Carol Simonek; Bill & Linda Smith; Patricia & Will Sproule; Jean Stein & Pamela Williams; Kirk & Yvonne Stephenson; Richard & Stephanie Stinson; John Thomford; Arthur Tobias & Debra Varnado $125; D.F. & Giana Tweedie; Anne & Douglas Walker; Barb & Thom Wallace; Jimmy & Sue Wallen; Sallie Warwick; Charles & Susan Weisbart; Sharon & Stephen White; Elizabeth & Thomas Wirt; Catherine Wood; Dennis & Jane Woodard; James Wymer & Soheir Ibrahim; (3) Anonymous.

Thank you, all!