A new ATM has been installed in the Idyllwild branch BBVA Compass bank building in Idyllwild, replacing the Bank of America ATM previously in the same location.

BBVA Branch Manager Jeri Sue Haney confirmed the new ATM was installed during the first week of November. “It makes it so much easier for us,” she said. “We can balance it from here, in the bank. Since it’s in the bank and accessible for us, the armored service does not have to come up to transport the money.”

Haney also confirmed the BBVA ATM near the Tree Monument will be removed within the month. “It’s great after 10 years to have our own ATM in the building,” said Haney.

For Bank of America customers, the likelihood of BofA installing a standalone ATM in a city in which they have no branch is remote because of the difficulty and cost of servicing that ATM from the nearest BofA bank branches more than 20 miles away in Hemet.

In locating standalone ATMs, banks often consider factors including distance from branches (core servicing centers), ease of servicing the ATM, threat scale for vandalism and/or crime, estimated traffic per day, rough estimation of transaction size per day and competition from other banks, according to Faisal Khan, a banking/payments consultant on Quora.com.

The new BBVA Compass ATM installed in the BBVA Idyllwild branch bank. The previous freestanding BBVA ATM near the Tree Monument will be removed within the month, according to Jeri Sue Haney, Idyllwild BBVA branch manager.
Photo by Marshall Smith