Both native and non-native plants, and two greenhouses

Kenny and Eva Gioeli are seen here in their soon-to-open Idyllwild Gardens on North Circle Drive. The nursery, in an expanded footprint, will feature quality display construction, two greenhouses, and both native and non-native plants. Eva wants to supply products, such as houseplants, herbs, bulbs and seldom-seen-on-the-Hill plant varietals. Idyllwild Gardens will be open seven days a week, year-round.   Photo by Marshall Smith

Kenny and Eva Gioeli will open what promises to be a marquee business in Idyllwild — a beautifully designed and staged nursery with plants, flowers, herbs and vegetables for all seasons and occasions, open year-round — Idyllwild Gardens. 

And it will be a family run enterprise, with Eva and daughters Zoe and Bella as onsite managers with structural assists and advice from Kenny, and additional help from son-in-law (Bella’s husband) Romi Rankin, his mother Aliette Coytaux, and Julia Goldfarb, Mel and Dottie Goldfarb’s granddaughter. 

The nursery will open on Saturday, April 13, with a grand opening to follow several weeks later. And, in a nod to what makes for business success in a small tourist town, the gardens will be open every day from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

As Eva noted in interview, Idyllwild Gardens will be “the marrying of two nurseries” — Four Seasons with its flowers, fruit and ornamental trees, and Lily Rock Native Gardens with native plants. “Everything we’ll be featuring will be appropriate for Zone 8,” said Eva.

The Gioelis acquired much of the stock of Four Seasons. But it is Eva’s intention to feature plants and colors that have not been widely available on the Hill before — for example, not just yellow broom but other varieties of red and purple broom. “I want to add more variety in beautiful plants that are not typically seen up here,” said Eva. She also wants to feature a delicate and lovely favorite of hers — Japanese maples. “I’m excited. They are so beautiful. We’ll also be bringing in more already-mature trees in 20-gallon pots.”

Kenny will be constructing two greenhouses that will enable the gardens to have house plants, flowers, herbs, vegetables and succulents available for purchase throughout the year.

The gardens will provide planting and delivery services. Eva stressed that the soil in Idyllwild is hydrophobic and will require proper amendments for plants to flourish. “We will carry high quality soil amendments and install our plants properly,” said Eva. 

“We will eventually have classes, especially for little children, teaching them how to pot a plant perfectly. Then we’ll add in adult classes later in the day, sweetening the classes with refreshments.”

Address questions or requests to Eva Gioeli at 951-468-4464.