Cal Fire/ Riverside County Fire Department is conducting a prescribed burn at the Mountain Resource Center on Franklin Drive.

Starting to ignite the duff for the prescribed burn at the Mountain Resource Center

            The burn will cover about six acres and started about 8:45 and should be finished about noon.

            It purpose is to eliminate timber litter (after tree thinning occurred on the site this year) and reduce grassy vegetation.

            The Demonstration Forest Thinning site belongs to Pine Cove Water District.

Firefighter Russell Bray of the Idyllwild Fire Department ignite some of the prescribed burn at the Mountain Resource Center Thursday morning

            Several other fire agencies participated in the burn. The Idyllwild Fire Department and the U.S. Forest Service were there. The Cal Fire units came from several Hill stations, including stations 23 (Pine Cove) and 53 (Garner Valley).

            The incident commander is Battalion Chief Dan Olsen.

Incident Commander Cal Fire Battalion Chief Dan Olsen

            When asked if the burn was pretty normal or if his adrenaline was pumping, Idyllwild Fire Capt. Adam Rodriguez replied, “If my adrenaline was pumping it would mean there was a problem and potential danger. No this is a good drill. We did everything, briefings and equipment checks as though it were an actual wildfire. This was good preparation.”

After the burn started, crews, including one from the Bautista Camp, stayed with the flames to ensure it did not escape the area.

Crews will stay at the burn area mopping up this afternoon and monitoring it tonight. They will return Friday morning for any additional work