Mr. Gray

Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” ARF cats discovered that new office cat, Terra, is also the newest ARF cattery member.
Terra: Hey everyone. It is status quo.
Mr. Gray: Shoot. That must mean no one was adopted. Darn.
Terra: Sadly, you are correct, Mr. Gray.
Mr. Gray: Please, call me Gray.
Sadie: I recommend that we introduce ourselves to you, Terra.
Zeus: Great idea! I’ll start. I’m Zeus, and yes, I’m probably tied with Bear as the largest cat here. People love my pure white coat. I’m a very affectionate guy once a human gets to know me.
Bear: I think you might be correct that you and I are tied as the largest cats, and we complement each other beautifully, like a piano keyboard.
Terra: Bear, I’ve heard that you and Zeus came into ARF together from the same home. Are you affectionate as well?
Bear: Well, I’m a little shyer, but yes, I warm up to humans. I’d be a wonderful companion.
Mr. Gray: I warm up to humans pretty quickly. I really, really like weaving in and out of legs.
Terra: We still have kittens Neptune and Jupiter. Let’s talk about them.
Jupiter: (rushing over to Terra) Hi Mom! First of all, we are kittens. Who doesn’t love a kitten? Neptune and I are so cute. Every human who stops in to meet us is totally charmed.
Terra: I’ve always known that would happen.
Sadie: But of course. They are your babies! If they are half as sweet as you are, they are golden.
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