By Riverside County Sheriff’s Department

On Oct. 30, personnel from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, California Highway Patrol, Hemet Police Department, Gang Task Force, Murrieta Police Department, United States Forestry Service, Animal Control, Riverside County Probation Department, Riverside County Cal-ID, Hemet Tactical Emergency Medical Services and American Medical Response conducted a high-impact zero-tolerance saturation patrol throughout the unincorporated mountain communities of Anza, Idyllwild, Pine Cove and Mountain Center at the direction of Sheriff Chad Bianco. 

The focus of the operation was to apprehend any and all subjects found to be in violation of any crime. The goal of the operation is that the arrest of these offenders improves the overall quality of life for the citizens of the mountain community.

Twenty-six subjects were arrested for 42 criminal violations including 13 felonies. Over six pounds of processed marijuana, approximately 1,500 pounds of marijuana plants, 26 grams of heroin, five firearms (four handguns and one shotgun), three stolen vehicles and over $10,000 in currency were seized during this operation. A butane honey oil laboratory was also located and dismantled.

The following subjects were arrested during this operation:

  • 27-year-old Anza resident Brandon Malterer for weapons possession
  • 70-year-old Mountain Center resident Keith Harper for sexual registrant violation
  • 38-year-old Idyllwild resident Brian Vowell for possession of controlled substances and a misdemeanor warrant
  • 40-year-old Aguanga resident Adam Fredy for a misdemeanor warrant
  • 49-year-old Idyllwild resident Adrian Denava for possession for sales of marijuana
  • 61-year-old Idyllwild resident Jocelyn McKinnon for six misdemeanor warrants
  • 47-year-old Idyllwild resident Angie Rahn for a misdemeanor warrant
  • 53-year-old Idyllwild resident Mark Deantonio for a felony warrant
  • 25-year-old Pine Cove resident Travis Loran for a felony warrant and felon in possession of ammunition
  • 24-year-old Idyllwild resident Philip Ackley for three misdemeanor warrants
  • 25-year-old Anza resident Emerson Whipple for possession of controlled substances and a misdemeanor warrant
  • 36-year-old Moreno Valley resident William Gosnell for possession of controlled substances
  • 40-year-old Anza resident David Olguin for weapons possession, three stolen vehicles and a misdemeanor warrant
  • 23-year-old Anza resident Alyssa Gervais for a probation violation and possession for sales of a controlled substance
  • 24-year-old Idyllwild resident William Alvarez for a felony warrant
  • 32-year-old Anza resident Chouavila Vang for weapons possession
  • 33-year-old Anza resident Carol Moreno for a domestic violence-related misdemeanor warrant
  • 33-year-old Anza resident Johnny Wadkins for possession of controlled substances
  • 29-year-old Anza resident Christopher Taylor for possession of controlled substances
  • 71-year-old Anza resident Linda Trosper for a misdemeanor warrant  
  • 66-year-old Anza resident Paul Kell for two misdemeanor warrants
  • 65-year-old Idyllwild resident Gerardo Oviedo for five misdemeanor warrants
  • 63-year-old Michigan resident Leng Hang for transportation of marijuana and conspiracy
  • 61-year-old Michigan resident Chue Hang for transportation of marijuana and conspiracy
  • 32-year-old Idyllwild resident Jessica Nowlin for a misdemeanor warrant
  • 30-year-old Aguanga resident Nicholas Kennedy for a butane honey oil laboratory.

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department’s (RCSD) goal is to keep all of our citizens safe while also improving quality of life. The use of illegal drugs not only affect the individual, but also the community as illegal drug use is the root cause of many of the crimes that affect our county. RCSD has a zero-tolerance policy for these offenses. If you suspect drug or criminal activity in your area, please contact your local sheriff’s Station. The Hemet sheriff’s station can be reached at 951-791-3400 and the San Jacinto sheriff’s station can be reached at 951-654-2702.

Citizens may also submit a tip using the sheriff's CrimeTips online form.