Founder Brett Perkins introduces the performers Saturday at Town Hall during the all-day Songwriters Festival. 
Photo by Jenny Kirchner

The one-day Songwriters Festival last Saturday was a success for Idyllwild. The event raised $600 in ticket sales for the Idyllwild HELP Center and the Idyllwild Community Center (ICC). 

An additional $900 donation was made to the Idyllwild HELP Center by the Idyllwild Listening Room Songwriting Retreat sponsorship that was held at Spirit Mountain Retreat the week leading up to the festival. 

One of the local bands performing at the Songwriters Festival was Midnight Tea. From left, Peter Kindfield, Brian Tracy and Ann Kindfield.  Photo by Jenny Kirchner

The HELP Center raised an additional $200 from the pop-up boutique at the event.

In total, there were 14 acts. Fifteen participants from the Idyllwild Listening Room Songwriting Retreat debuted the songs they created. 

The Brothers Landau of Altadena, California, performed cello, guitar and vocals drawing on elements of pop, rock, jazz, Bossa Nova, classical and folk. 
Photos by Jenny Kirchner

A donation jar, set up for the musicians who traveled to help pay for fuel, raised $133 and was divided amongst the acts. All the musicians played for free. Musicians traveled from Cathedral City, Fullerton, La Mesa, Moreno Valley, Palm Springs, Pasadena, Phoenix, Prescott, Riverside and Yorba Linda.

Town Hall was filled with eager music lovers during the Songwriters Festival at Town Hall Saturday. 
Photo by Jenny Kirchner

The 16 participants at the retreat spent money in town at local businesses, helping the economy as a whole. Founder Brett Perkins estimates that amount was over $12,000.

“I feel fantastic about the results — from the wide range of talent, audience numbers, attentiveness (including two standing ovations at different times) and overall spirit of the whole day,” said Perkins. “The ICC told me the $300 they received from half the total ticket sales will fund child care for a working family for two months, and I look forward to hearing what the $1,400 combined [from the] retreat and festival donations will provide for Idyllwild HELP Center clientele.”

The Orange County-based indie band, Echo Hill Band, performed songs from bluegrass, jazz and classic rock. 
Photo by Jenny Kirchner

The summer Songwriters Festival is already scheduled and will be held June 5-7, 2020 at Spirit Mountain Retreat.

Many came out Saturday to socialize and peruse the Idyllwild HELP Center’s pop-up store at the Songwriters Festival at Town Hall. 
Photos by Jenny Kirchner
Supporters cheer on all the amazing musicians that performed at the Songwriters Festival Saturday at Town Hall. 
Photos by Jenny Kirchner
From left, Jules Stewart and Lindsay White of San Diego perform original acoustic songs.   Photo by Jenny Kirchner
Idyllwild local band, The Spaceman Trilogy, was the final act of the Songwriters Festival performing original songs. From left, Tony White, bass, Steve Zaccardi, drums, and David Dapeer, guitar and vocals. Photo by Jenny Kirchner